The Best Diving In Lombok And A Certified Dive Course

Are you going on vacation to a beautiful place like Lombok? What to do in Lombok? Who does not want to enjoy the beauty under the sea? Diving or diving is a way to explore the ocean panorama that cannot be enjoyed by those who do not dare to do it. It also includes diving in Lombok. The island with a million charms can not only be enjoyed on land, but also in the sea.

As we know, Indonesia has a wealth of underwater biota which is very diverse, ranging from coral reefs, fish, rocks and so on. The blue sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLombok also holds its own beauty. No wonder so many tourists both local and foreign flocked to this island to dive.

We are a tourism service provider that is well known by Lombok tourists. We not only serve in terms of transportation and accommodation, but also other services related to activities on the island. Also includes for those who want to do diving in Lombok. We prepare the supporting facilities and infrastructure.

If you want to try diving in the islands around Lombok (Gili), we also prepare a private boat that can take you across. Enjoy the beauty of the islands while watching the underwater biota. Find other enchantments not found on land.

Can’t dive? Dont worry. We also prepare POSSI and PADI certified diving courses. This means that after participating in this short course, you already have the competence and accreditation of diving that has been recognized. Avoid studying with individuals or institutions that are not certified for safety. Contact us for more information. Certified Dive Courses and Diving Prices in Lombok.

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